Dear Parishioners and Friends!

Since Ash Wednesday, we have been making our Lenten Journey. I encourage you to make this holy season a fruitful and meanigful one in your life. Give some time to the Lord in prayer. We are happy to help you make this journey in a meaningful way. We invite you to come together to celebrate the Holy Mass during the week and and Weekends, to reflect on the way of the Cross on every Friday at 7.00pm and to reflect and share in groups on every Wednesday at 7.00pm. The Mass times for the Holy week are available on our Website, Facebook Page and on the Parish Bulletin. Bookings for the Holy Week and Easter masses are  already open. Booking is essential.


 During the season of Lent:     


  Stations of the Cross          7.00 pm  (every Friday)    -  Cannon Hill               

  Lenten group Discussion    7.00 pm  (every Wednesday commencing from 24th Februay)  - Cannon Hill (Parish Hall)        

  23 February ( Tuesday)        Anointing Mass         - 9.00 am           

  24 March                               Reconciliation           - 7.00 pm                - Cannon Hill

  25 March                               Reconciliation           - 9.00 am                - Tingalpa   


                                                                                                                                                   HOLY WEEK 

27 March               Palm Sunday ( Saturday Vigil)                                                  - 6.00 pm      - Cannon Hill

28 March               Palm Sunday                                                                                  - 8.00 am      - Tingalpa

                                                                                                                                         - 9.30 am        - Cannon Hill

1 April                   Holy Thursday Mass followed by Eucharistic Adoration    - 7.00 pm       - Cannon Hill

2 April                   Good Friday      - Stations of the Cross                                     - 10.00 am      - Cannon Hill

                                                            - The Passion of the Lord                                - 3.00 pm       - Cannon Hill

3 April                   Easter Vigil                                                                                     - 6.00 pm       - Cannon Hill

4 April                   Easter Sunday                                                                                - 8.00 am        - Tingalpa

                                                                                                                                          - 9.30 am        - Cannon Hill


                                                             Mass Times


Cannon Hill -Capacity 130 People


Tuesday                                                               - 9.00 am

  Wednesday                                                        - 9.00 am

 Friday                                                                  - 9.00 am 

(* Every First Friday of the month Eucharistic Adoration.)

 Saturday   (Sunday Vigil)                           - 6.00 pm

 Sunday                                                        - 9.30 am


Tingapla - Capacity 55 People


Thursday                                                           - 9.00 am

 Sunday                                                              - 8.00 am



***Every First Friday Eucharistic Adoration following 9am Mass at Cannon Hill.


All Mass attendance WILL require booking.  You are encouraged, if possible,  to book online via the Link given below, otherwise please  contact the Parish Office as advised above.

 For online bookings please click HERE


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available by appointment. It will be offered after each Mass. If you wish to avail yourself of this Sacrament please let Mary know when you book for Mass.

* This information is required by current legislation and will be kept for no more than 56 days. 

Outside of Office Hours (9.00am to 2.30pm Tue to Fri) please ring 3899 2837, choose menu option 3 and leave a message if unattended OR you can phone the Parish mobile on 0493 096 073