Thank you for enrolling your child for the Sacrament of Penance in the Cannon Hill Parish at the beginning of this year.

It has been a very challenging year and it is because we have great hope in God that we have come this far. Whilst times are difficult and obviously very different from what we are used to we can, as best as possible, celebrate this special occasion in our children’s lives.

As the first educators of your child in the ways of the Faith you work in partnership with the School and the Parish in seeking to bring your child up with the knowledge and values of the Catholic Church. You have worked through the resource for the teaching of the Sacrament of Reconciliation with your child. This may be a good opportunity to re-visit the book and see what knowledge has been retained. I hope that you can set aside some time in your busy family schedules to pray, share and learn together what it is to be a committed believer in the Catholic Faith.

We have set aside three dates, early next term, for the celebration of the Sacrament and bookings are now open online via the Parish Website. Bookings are done using Eventbrite which helps us limit attendance to the capacity of the Church at Cannon Hill, gathers the information we need for Contact Tracing and also to reconcile the data with the enrolments.

Because St. Oliver’s Church has a capacity of 40 we have limited attendance to one Parent and one Child from each family. This will allow us to accommodate all enrolments over three nights. Please choose one date. The dates for the ceremonies are:

            Tuesday 13th October at 7.00pm (click HERE to book)

            Thursday 15th October at 7.00pm (click HERE to book)

            Tuesday 20th October at 7.00pm (click HERE to book)